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Today I wanted to share with you my experience with one particular product from Epitact sport: the toe protector. Epitact Sport is a French brand located in Drome in France, specialised in products preventing lower limbs injuries, from the toes to the knees.
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A few weeks ago, I was on the Paris Half Marathon race village, and I bought a piece of equipment that I would usually qualify as “useless gadget”: the toe protector.
When I first saw this brand promoting all those supposedly miracle products that would prevent black nails among other injuries, needless to say that I was very very sceptical, to the point that I started being a little bit mean by teasing the vendor about how those products are usually a marketing operation and are most of the time useless.
But he made it a personal challenge and spent 20 minutes trying to convince me about how efficient his products was, so after some hard negotiations I bought them with a 30% discount and the promise to send him my honest feedback after trying them.
3 weeks later I was getting ready for a 27 km run in the beautiful city of Lyon. It was my last (very) long run as part of my training for Paris marathon and the perfect opportunity to try my “toe protector”.

Protege ongles

Black nail is an issue a lot of runners, not to say most of them, have in common, me included. And for having experienced it more than once after a long run, I can tell you, it is not pleasant! (Especially for women, and especially before summer!)
It is usually caused by various reasons even if you are not into sports (fungal infection, tight shoes, accidental trauma…) but when you are an athlete, it is most of the time due to the repeated trauma from the running (especially if your running shoes are too small) or any athletic activity. But nevertheless, whatever the reason is: once you have a black nail, depending on the severity of the injury, it can take months for a new one to grow properly.
And even if I don’t always end up with a proper black nail, my toe (the same one, on the same foot!), is always at least a bit sore, tender, or numb, sometimes for a couple of days after the run.


SProtege ongles 02o here I am, getting ready and wearing my toe protector under my socks. I was a little bit worried that even though it is really thin I might feel it during the whole run but actually not at all. And if I may have felt a little bit weird at first, after a few minutes run I completely forgot about it.
After 27km of running I felt… nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even after I cooled down, took off running shoes and socks, walked a bit, nothing. No soreness, numbness, or tenderness. My toe was as cute and perfect as it was before my run! 😛
As the French saying says: “l’essayer c’est l’adopter”. I will leave the translation to you. As far as I am concerned, I know I am not doing one more long run without this little thing on my cursed toe! And I highly recommend every runner to use them, or at least, to give it a try.

The toe protectors are sold as a pair in the box, with 4 different sizes (2 for women, 2 for men). They are made of silicone inside and soft fabric on the outside, are really comfortable and reusable, but most of all: they work by absorbing all the micro-shocks and pressure!!!


Articles EpitactIf you want to know more about those products:

And if you do try them, or any other product from Epitact Sport, please don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comment section below!

Happy run everyone!

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