Personal Training prices

Before we start working together, we will meet for a free 30 min consultation to discuss your goals and objectives, and what you want to get out of your workout. Whether it is losing weight, getting fitter, feeling better, or just looking for that little push to help you get to work, we will work it out together. We will establish a timeline, and a specific programme that meets your needs based on all those information.

Each session lasts usually for one hour and will follow the same structure: we will start with a quick warm-up to get your heart rate racing a little bit. Then we will get to the core of the session, based on your programme. Finally we will end it with a cool down and some stretches.

1h 10h package
At home1 pers: £45
2 pers: £70Gym1 pers: £55
2 pers: £85
At home1 pers: £415 (£35 disc.)
2 pers: £640 (£60 disc.)Gym1 pers: £505 (£45 disc.)
2 pers: £780 (£70 disc.)
Massage prices

Before your first massage, you will have a free 30 min consultation during which you can tell me more about yourself and what brought you to Sports Massage. I will conduct a postural assessment and/or go through some tests if necessary.

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, I will decide which treatment protocol will best optimise the massage outcomes. The session will end with stretches and post-care advices that you will be able to practice at home, to support the treatment given during the session.

The first half an hour massage that you book with me is at £15 only! After that session, the prices are as follow:

Individual massage :

Duration Prices
30 min £35
45 min £45
60 min £55

Office massage :

Duration Price Maximum pers.
1 £60 2 to 3
2 £100 4 to 6
3 £150 6 to 9