We worked together


Vanessa is simply a brilliant personal trainer. She worked very hard to design a training regime that met my needs. She is highly motivating and helped me achieve my goals of fitness and weight loss very quickly. She is extremely friendly and encouraging and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend her to future clients.


It was a great working with Vanessa. I enjoyed being pushed as well as the flexibility in terms of timing, or work out design like when I had foot pain. I enjoyed both weight training and cardio and it was great seeing change in my body! I also appreciate Vanessa’s availability outside the sessions answering any question, she was a great motivator and helped me in choosing healthier options too, as well as tips on how to get focused and keep target in mind!


In an ideal world everyone should try a few sessions of a PT. It’s a bit like driving a car and learning any new skill, you wouldn’t do it without learning the right way to do things (especially without injuring yourself). Vanessa was extremely pleasant to work with as she consistently adapted sessions around what I results I wanted, what I enjoyed but was also great at pushing me in a friendly but firm way. My favourite thing working with Vanessa was learning exercises other than the standard pushup/situp and getting taught them properly. Normally I’d be hesitant to try anything new but now I readily do new things in the gym. Also, Nutrition feedback was very helpful and I found her recipes to be great!